Changes to the operation of UW during the pandemic

Since Warsaw has been classified as a “red zone”, Prof. Alojzy Z. Nowak, the University of Warsaw Rector, issued a new ordinance regulating the principles of the operation of UW. The document defines, among others, the mode of conducting educational classes, exams and the organisation of events.

According to the Ordinance No. 233 of the Rector of the University of Warsaw, the following will take place remotely:

  • Educational classes for students and doctoral candidates (practical classes only can take place at the UW premises);
  • Exams, and diploma exams;
  • Summer schools dedicated to students and doctoral candidates;
  • Open events, meetings, gatherings and celebrations at the University of Warsaw with more than ten participants (the organisation of on-site events is allowed in duly justified cases);
  • Meetings of collective bodies and entities;
  • Doctoral examinations and habilitation colloquia.

Heads of organisational units may order employees to perform work remotely. Sports facilities of the University will be closed until further notice.

Detailed information on the operation of the University of Warsaw during the pandemic is included in ordinances no. 233 and 217 of the Rector of the University of Warsaw.

The University of Warsaw authorities have taken steps to allow employees to undergo additional tests for the presence of the coronavirus. More information regarding this matter will be available in the coming days on the University of Warsaw website.

Changes to the operation of UW during the pandemic


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